Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A warm hand brushed my thigh, the fingers lightly trailing upward. My body responded and I parted my legs willing the fingers closer. Slowly inch by tantalizing inch they made their way between my legs, sliding through my wetness. One finger then two slipped inside me making my body arch off the bed. I wanted more, I wanted them deeper I wanted them to move.

Warm lips trailed their way down my throat across my collar bone and down to my breast. I felt the cold wetness of a tongue as it grazed my nipple right before the lips captured it sucking and teasing. I groaned my hips moving in time with the fingers sliding in and out of me. “More” I whispered and got my wish as a third finger joined the other two in filling me.

The lips continued their exploration of my other breast and as I arched and moaned they slid downward. A tongue circled my belly button; soft kisses followed the tan line of my bikini bottoms. I felt the warm breath of an exhale as the tongue reached out and flicked my clit.

My hands grabbed hold of the sheets my hips lifting off the bed. The fingers continuing to slide in and out of me the tongue sliding lower to taste me. I gasped and started to raise my hands off the bed. The tongue moved away and I heard the words “No keep them by your side. I want to explore.”

I whimpered at these words but kept my hands clenching the sheets and the tongue flicked back over my clit. Seconds turned to minutes and the tongue continued its slow methodical torture bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then backing off. A fourth finger stretched me wide, the flames of my desire backed down a little as I adjusted to the feeling. But the mouth captured my clit again quickly changing the sensations to pleasure.

The head lifted, “Do you still want more?”

“Yes” I whispered even though the very idea terrified me. I heard the click of the lube bottle and felt the cool wetness of it as it was poured over me and the hand that was still slowly moving in and out of me and then the most intense pressure I’ve ever felt, I thought I would be ripped in two.

“Breathe” the voice said.

I hadn’t realized that I had been holding my breath until I gasped for air.

“Relax into it” the voice said again.

I just kept listening to the voice and breathed deeply and suddenly the pressure stopped and an overwhelming fullness engulfed me. It was a strange sensation to be so full, and then the hand moved, just a little a tiny shift which sent ripples of pleasure through my body. I gasped, my fear forgotten and started to slowly rock on the hand inside me. The mouth returned to my clit and soon I was begging and pleading for release. A few more strokes and I couldn’t hold back any longer. My back arched up off the bed and I screamed as an orgasm more intense than I had ever felt ripped through my body, tears sprang to my eyes from the overwhelming emotions flooding my body, it was too much. The hand had continued to slowly twitch but I reached down and grabbed for it, making it stop, pushing the head away.

My breathing slowed and my wits returned and the realization of what goes in must also come out, began to dawn on me. I cringed and braced myself as the hand slowly and carefully pulled its way back out, the sensation was awkward not exactly painful but not pleasant either and its removal left me with an intense emptiness. The pleasant sensations hadn’t entirely been chased away by the hands exit and I lay back relaxing into the little shudders that continued to run through my body. We lay there together a head on my thigh, a hand wrapped around my leg, my hand on a shoulder, bliss.

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