Saturday, August 9, 2008

Female Master

Since the majority of my sexual partners have been women I’ve often been asked why I never looked for a female Master. I can’t say the thought never crossed my mind. It did. I toyed with the idea, looked around and even spoke to a few of them years ago but it just never worked for me.

I have no problem being on the more submissive end of things in the bedroom with women in fact I prefer it. Oh I like to switch it up ever now and then and top my partner but on the whole I’m more of a bottom. Outside the bedroom however my personality just won’t allow me submit to a woman. I didn’t get to my career position without stepping on some toes, and since I’m in a fairly female dominated business I do the dominating.

On the whole I’m a fairly dominant take charge kind of person, it takes a special something to keep me in line and Master does that. He knows just how to control me. I think he also gets off on the fact that I have a more dominant personality and I’m in a position of power at work and yet, I’m his slave. I could be meeting with high government officials one morning and then be on my knees, a collar around my neck with my hands and feet tied together in complete submission to him by evening.

In my search for Master I talked to many other people who called themselves masters but I always could find a weakness to their dominance and I would exploit it and flip the relationship, I don’t even realize I’m doing it, its just natural, but Master knows my game, and doesn’t allow me to play it. I knew it from the moment I met him. There was just something about him, his dominance was just a fact, not an act or a role it just was and it makes me very happy.


Anonymous said...

hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog and adding my link! I am honored. I had a moment or two to read some of your posts and I will be adding you to my list as soon as I leave here.....very nice blog. I shall visit regularly!


Masters slave said...

M - thanks for stopping by and thank you for adding me to your list.