Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here is excerpt from another story. I have many stories about this couple...maybe they remind me of me and Master....

“This is a collar. It’s a sign of ownership. It means that you are my pet. Just like an animal, a dog, and this is your first training session. When you are here you will wear it.”

I was having trouble following his words as his fingers continued to torture my nipples. He leaned forward even further capturing my left nipple in his mouth, sucking hard. I gasped and press forward wanting more. He released it and went to the right, repeating his torture, his tongue rolling it around as he sucked and nipped. My arms and legs started to shake as I pressed myself forward. It was all I could do to keep my hands behind my head. I wanted to grab his head and crush it into my chest so he wouldn’t stop, but I knew I would never do that.

He licked and sucked my nipples, first one then the other as he reached up and fastened the leather collar around my neck. It was heavy, the rings cold. When it was secure he leaned back.

“Don’t you look like a little slut, sitting there with your breasts all red, your nipples standing at attention, your chest heaving and that collar around your neck. Who owns you?”

“You do” I sighed.

“Do I have to punish you again or are you going to remember to be respectful? Now again, who owns you?”

“You do, you own me Sir.”

“That’s right. But the picture isn’t quite right yet.” He said unbuttoning his pants. He reached in his pants and brought out his cock. He sat there stroking it a few times watching me. I moaned and squeezed my legs together hoping that the sensation would be enough to release the pressure building inside me. “Come here and hold this in your mouth.” He said.

I didn’t hesitate this time. I inched forward a bit taking me hands from behind my head as I bent over and took him in my mouth. He felt so good, hard yet velvety smooth. I ran my tongue around the tip while I took his cock deep into my mouth, moaning. I didn’t over think anything at this point. I just felt. I wanted this. The feel of his jeans was rough against my aching breasts. I sucked and licked him, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. He grabbed the back of my hair as he pumped himself in and out of my mouth. I sucked and ran my lips up and down the shaft, being careful of my teeth, putting pressure on him by closing my mouth tighter when he pulled out and opening it more when he slid back in. It felt so good, my cheeks started to ache but I wanted to feel him come in my mouth, but that was not to be this time. He pulled on my hair, pulling his cock out of my mouth, leaving me dazed and baffled. He pushed me back and started stroking himself. “Lean back,” he said through a strained voice. I backed up and he leaned forward as he came covering my breasts with come.

I reached up to touch it, to wipe it off, but he stopped my hand. “Leave it. Now my picture is complete. You are wearing my collar and my come. I’ve marked you.” He reached down and adjusted himself, putting his cock back in his pants. I whimpered, I was so wet, my clit so swollen, my breasts ached, and I wanted more. “Don’t worry; I’m far from done with you.” He said as he reached over to the table once again and brought out a leash. He clipped it to the ring on my collar. “Stand up and follow me.” He said.

Slowly I stood, his come running down my breasts, my own moisture running down the inside of my thigh. My legs were shaking with need. I didn’t care where he was taking me I just wanted him to touch me again. I wanted to come.

He led me up a flight of stairs to a room dominated by a four poster bed. He walked me into the room and led me to a full length mirror. “Look at yourself, look at what an owned slut looks like. This is who you are now. You are a slave, a toy for my pleasure. Do you understand?”

I looked at myself, my hair all messed up my breasts swollen and red from being slapped, my nipples hard, come dripping down the front of me. A collar around my neck with a leash attached that led to his hand. “Owned” So this is what it was. My body looked well used but my eyes glittered with need. I knew I wanted more.

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