Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Challenging Tasks

Worshiping Masters cock with my mouth is one of my favorite things to do. I love the full feel of him filling my mouth, his hand holding my hair or my head. Often he orders me to just hold it there, no licking, no sucking, no moving! I have a very difficult time with this.

Actually I have a hard time holding still whenever his cock is inside me, whether it's my pussy, my ass or my mouth. In fact I hate it. If there is one part of my training that is the most difficult for me to learn it would be to stay still when I'm told. We've been at this for a while and I may be getting a little better at it but I still often find myself getting slapped, spanked or cropped for moving when I'm told to stay still.

Master is training me to be able to sleep/rest with his cock in my mouth helping me to remember my place. So far I'm lucky if I can remain still with him in my mouth for more than 2 minutes! I do think I did pretty well the other day but what I thought was at least 10-15 minutes was more likely only about 2-3. Time always ticks by so slowly when you are really trying to concentrate on doing something right.

I read somewhere to try to use a dildo as practice but I guess I've slept with too many women for that to be effective for me. A dildo and a real cock are just so very different. Maybe that's my problem since most of my partners have been women having Masters warm pulsing hard cock in my mouth (or really anywhere for that matter) is too much for me. I completely lose myself in the task savoring every moment of it. I'm usually not a slow learner and I really do want to please Master but this is definitely one of my more challenging tasks.

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