Saturday, August 2, 2008


His Touch

I love the way Master touches me.

His hands tie my restraints, tighten my collar and guide me to ecstasy.

His gentle caress of my stomach, in direct contrast to the sharp sting his hand left on my ass only moments ago.

His firm painful grip on my hair makes me shudder just as much as the gentle way he strokes my hip.

His tight grip on my throat leaves me breathless while his other hand softly glides across my breasts making my nipples tighten.

I crave Masters touch long after we have parted; I reminisce about it, fantasize about it, burn for it.

His Voice

Soft whispers, strict orders, his voice issues the commands that rule our relationship.

His whisper in my ear leaves me trembling with desire.

His orders to strip are obeyed.

A stroke of my head and the simple words “Good girl” make me glow with pleasure.

His voice before I fall asleep gives me comfort and makes me feel safe.

His Eyes

I can feel Masters eyes on me from across the room.

His gaze drinking in every inch of me; I blush and feel my nipples harden.

I shudder as he moves around me taking me in from all angles.

I could be fully dressed or stripped bare, the effect is still the same.

Masters eyes penetrate me down to my soul. He sees through the facade I put forth for other people.

He sees my darkest desires and then he makes them come true.

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a.w.s. said...


i just stumbled across your blog and i've enjoyed what i've read so far. i look forward to reading more in the future!