Monday, August 11, 2008

Learning to share (part 2 of 3)

He stepped back from her and watched her for a few moments. I imagined that this is what he often did to me, posing me in some way only to step back and admire what he had done; only now looking at her I realized that his intention in doing this was not necessarily to make me uncomfortable, embarrassed or humiliate me but to admire. I gazed at the shape and curves her body made, her back was arched, the muscles in her back moving tensing and relaxing as she pressed her hands together behind her. The curve of her ass resting just above her toes which peaked out from underneath her. I began to understand Masters’ admiration for the female form. She was like a living sculpture and he was the artist, it was beautiful. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

“She is beautiful isn’t she?” He said softly to me, I jumped not realizing he had moved to stand beside me. I suddenly felt very self conscious and dropped my gaze.

“Its all right to look, she doesn’t mind, Q was my slave of mine a long time ago; she was recently returned to me.”

I looked up at him. “Q?” I asked.

“It’s what I call her. As you lost your right to curse or use certain words I found it necessary to take away her name. She is very strong willed and needed to be humbled and what better way than to take away her name.”

I looked back at her kneeling. “Q” I whispered under my breath. More questions formed in my mind but I was too scared to ask them. Something must have shown on my face because he bent down and looked me in the eye, he brushed the tears off my cheeks and took my chin firmly in his hand. “She is my slave, one of many that serve me but I don’t own her, I own no other but you.” He said reaching out to touch my collar. “She, as well as the others, have choices that are no longer afforded to you anymore.”

He stood up his hand sliding to my hair; he grabbed a handful and pulled me up next to him so I was standing on my toes. “Come it’s time that you learned how to serve with another.”

I hesitated; but his grip on my hair was strong and he walked me over toward her. I glanced at her still kneeling in front of the wall.

I couldn’t imagine serving with her, she was so thin and beautiful. “She is so beautiful Sir, I don’t compare.” I whispered as I was pulled across the room.

He released the tension on my hair allowing me to stand flat footed again. He put his other hand under my chin and raising my eyes up to meet his. He slapped me hard and unexpectedly across the face.

I gasped and the tears started running down my face once again.

“I don’t want to hear that from you again or you will be punished more severely than I have ever punished you before. This isn’t a contest. You are both beautiful in different ways. She may be tall and thin but she doesn’t have your style or your curves, you are sexy and feminine in a totally different way. Do you understand me?” he asked.

I continued to look at him through my tears, my cheek stinging and nodded my head.

He twisted his hand in my hair more harshly than before and led me the rest of the way toward where she was standing. He positioned me a few feet to her left and behind her. He released my hair and began unbuttoning my shirt. Sliding his hands inside, cupping my breasts, pinching my nipples hard and making me gasp. He pushed the shirt down off my shoulders and let it land in a pile at my feet. “Stand over there beside my other slave, hands against the wall legs spread.”

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