Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Plain Site (1 of 3)

I stood out on the small porch overlooking the front of the house. I had gotten home from work a few minutes ago. I wanted to change out of my work clothes but it was such a beautiful fall day I decided to stand out here for a while and release some of the stress from the day.

I loved this little porch; it was one of the selling points of the house. A small little alcove set above the door, like a little keyhole. It had a short wall that came to a little above my waist, the roof peaked overhead and if it had windows it would be considered a little room. It was just off the bedroom, and was very cozy. I loved to sit out there and read and listen to the wind rustle through the trees, the chirp of the birds and other insects, or watch the families out for their nightly strolls, the lovers walking to the beach and the laughs and shrieks of delight from the neighborhood children.

As I stood there I watched as the neighbors came and went; people coming home from work, mothers and fathers racing off with a child in tow to some sporting event or class. I often wondered what they thought of us; I guess to the outside world we look like your average suburban couple, I’m sure they would be shocked by what went on beyond these walls, but no one has ever seen the hooks in the basement ceiling, and Master is always cautious to put away the toys when we are done.

Often when I’m bored I make up stories about the other families on the block. You never know what kinky souls lurk in your neighborhood. In my imagination some of the things I come up with even make me blush. Sometimes I wish my fantasies were real, after all we aren’t the only ones living this lifestyle. Master has a few friends that have relationships like ours but not many, for the most part our friends are vanilla, and we don’t venture into the real time scene. Sometimes that world intrigues me and I wonder what it would be like, this life is sometimes lonely, but I’m content to remain hidden.

I watch as Master pulls into the driveway. He looked up at our little porch almost as if he was expecting me to be standing there. He smiled and I smiled back and gave a little wave.

A few minutes later he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

“Hello Master.”

“Hello slave.” He whispered in my ear. “Did you have a good day?”

“Yes Sir. Long, but no drama”

“Good.” He said as he starts unbuttoning the bottom buttons of my blouse. He put his hand on my bare belly and his fingers started gently caressing me. I leaned back into him. I love how he touches me.

“Are you home for the night?” He asked.

His question sends a little ripple of anticipation through me. “Yes Sir. No classes and I finished everything I needed to do before I left the office.”

“Good girl. Take off your skirt.”

“Here?” I asked.

“Yes, no one can see you through the wall.”

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