Sunday, August 24, 2008

Intimate Moments

I sit straddled on Masters lap, my head on his shoulder his arms wrapped around me. Master’s hands run over my ass gently kneading. He leans into me and whispers “You’re a fine piece of ass, slave, I’m glad I own you”. I love hearing this it sends shivers down my spine and makes me smile. I am proud to be his property and I’m glad he feels I’m a valuable asset.

We sit there for a while just enjoying being together. After a while he grabs hold of my ass and squeezes harder, giving me a few light taps. This either means that he wants me to get up or he is gearing up to tease me. When his hand doesn’t move to my leg to give me a boost off him I know he has chosen to tease me which makes me wiggle in anticipation my heart speed up and my breath come a little faster. It really doesn't take much, my imagination is so vivid. Soon he gives me a few well placed smacks that make me hiss, moan and writhe even more on his lap.

After I am extremely aroused and just about bouncing in his lap he orders me to stand up and strip. After I comply he takes me by the hair, pulls me up on my tip toes and bends me over to be spanked. Whether it is his hand, a crop or a flogger I know I will soon be torn between the pain and the pleasure. Either way I will soon be even more aroused and on the brink of orgasm, begging to come, my pussy already swollen will be wet and ready for him should he choose to use me when he is finished.

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