Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fantasy (part 1 of 2)

I've been having this recurring fantasy of Master visiting me at work. I find myself daydreaming about it at slow moments during the day or dreaming about it at night. I wrote it down to share with Master and now I'm sharing it with you.

I was almost finished reviewing a brief when I heard the door to my office open and shut. I didn’t want to lose my place so I just held up my hand and told whoever it was to give me a minute I was almost through. I expected the person to take a seat or remain standing but before I realized it there was a presence beside me, and a hand gripping my hair, bending my head back. I gasped in outrage and was about to say something nasty when I looked up into the eyes of my Master and irritation quickly turned to desire.

“What are you doing here?” I asked moving my eyes around my office because I couldn’t move my head. I was hoping that no one else would walk in.

“I wanted to see my slave at work.” He said “I expected a better greeting than I just got though.”

“I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t know it was you, people walk in and out of my office all day. If I had known you were coming….”I trailed off as his grip on my hair tightened and he lifted me up out of my chair.

“Give Master a kiss hello and then you can make it up to me.” he said releasing the tight grip on my hair.

“Yes Sir.” I said my eyes glittering with desire. I leaned in to his chest, stood up on my toes, wrapped my arms around him and touched my lips to his. Electricity shot through my body as our lips touched and tongues entwined. His hand moved back to my hair as he deepened the kiss. I gave a soft moan and relaxed into his body.

His hand in my hair tightened and he pulled back me back breaking the kiss, “Turn around and put your hands on your desk.” He said.

“Yes Sir” I said flicking a quick glance at the door.

I turned around and leaned forward putting my hands on my desk. I felt him move around behind me running his hand over my ass.

“You look very professional today.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“I like this skirt” he said as he lifted up the back exposing my pink panties.

My head turned toward the door in a panic, what if someone came in, what would they think? I could lose my job. I wondered if Master would let me lock the door.

My thoughts were abruptly cut off when I felt him sliding my panties down to just below my ass. He ran his hand gently over my now exposed ass sliding his fingers between my legs sliding through my wetness.

I moaned and opened my legs a little hoping he would push his fingers inside me.

“Close your legs slave.”

“Yes Sir.” I said with a bit of a pout.

“You’re very wet and ready for me aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir.” I said.

“Good girl.”

I loved it when he said that to me. It made me feel all warm and tingly.

I felt him slide my panties lower, pushing them toward the floor. “Step out of these.” He said.

I did as I was told standing there in my office my skirt raised above my ass with no panties. I was so nervous and so excited at the same time. I could hear people walking by in the hallway and was terrified that someone would just walk in.

“I’m going to take these. You may get them back tonight.” He said

“Yes Sir.” I said in a whisper.

“Did I ask you if I could take them?”

“No Sir.”

“Do you always allow people to take your panties?”

“No Sir, just you, my Owner, you take what you want, after all I’m your property.”

“That’s right slave.” He said as he pulled my skirt down

I felt his hand gripping the back of my head again. He pulled me back to standing and turned me around to face him again.

“On your knees slave, I want to use your mouth.” he said pushing me to the ground.

I looked up at him, “But Master,” I whispered, “what if…”

“I gave you an order, I expect you to obey, so get to work.” He said forcefully.

“Yes Sir.” I said glancing at the door again, this time praying that no one would walk in.

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