Monday, August 4, 2008

Giving makes me happy

I love giving gifts it makes me happy. They don’t have to be big or expensive or even bought in a store, I just like gifting things to people. Whenever I come across something that I think someone in my life would like I usually buy it, or if I’m baking I usually make extra for someone who really loves whatever it is I’m making.

So in the spirit of special gifts I was happy when I found something that I knew would be the ideal gift for my Master. It had been a few weeks before I noticed the absence of my favorite implement of torture, Masters crop. It seems it must have been left somewhere on one of our journeys and he hadn't gotten around to replacing it.

I couldn't have Master be without his favorite toy so I found a few really nice ones online and ordered two (you can always use a spare) for him to torment me with. Master quickly got to work testing one out and was pleased with the quickness of the welts it raised on my ass.

I smiled to myself as I felt the first bite of the leather sting my skin, I was glad I could bring this training tool back into our lives. I had missed it, which may sound crazy when I hiss and flinch with each strike, but I also moan and get wet.

See giving gifts make me happy!

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