Friday, August 29, 2008


Master often gives me writing assignments or little mini research projects. And although it may seem that way, not all my assignments involve writing about a training, my feelings or stories. Occasionally they involve trivial things that pop up in conversations.

The other weekend we were discussing movies and we kept mentioning movies with numbers in their titles. We tried to figure out the names of movies that had numbers in them up to ten but it was late and we were both tired so we gave up without having finished the list. The next day this was given to me as an assignment.

I was to find movie titles with numbers in them - but not just the number, it had to be First, second, third etc.. and the number should ideally be in the beginning of the title. The movie also had to be a major motion picture not some obscure little indie film. Just finding movies with numbers as in one, two three is a bit easier, I made that list also. Why? It wasn't asked of me but I'm a bit obsessive compulsive and figured if I was going to do one I might as well take the initiative and do the other. I'm weird like that.

Thank god for IMDB! But even then some numbers just don't fit the bill. No matter how many searches on google or IMDB there were some numbers that just didn't have titles that made the cut. I added them to my list anyway just so it would be complete and we had fun razzing on the movie industry and how they really need to get to work completing list this instead of making all those other movies.

So not all assignments are introspective or erotic, some are just plain silly fun.

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