Monday, March 28, 2016


I feel like I just closed my eyes when I feel a tug on my collar.  I open my eyes to see him standing over me.

"Thats enough rest for now. I am not done playing with you just yet. Come." He says and pulls me.

Reluctantly I stand and he guides me out of the room toward the bathroom.  He allows me to use the toilet and then brings me back to the playroom.  He hands me a bottle of water and tells me to drink. I am tired, barely able to hold the bottle but I obey.  He then hands me a piece of a protein bar, I slowly chew, but when he hands me another piece I reach for it and devour it hungrily.

"Kneel." he says.

I quickly drop to my knees and look up at him, hope filling my eyes as I feel my energy returning.

He grabs a fist full of my hair, "I know that hungry look." He says eyes sparkling.  He guides my head to his cock and I greedily take him in my mouth.  Its been too long, I wrap my lips around him licking and sucking and taking him deeply in my throat.  I love the feel of him as he slides in and out of my mouth.  I feel him start to move my head back and forth a little faster, then he slides deeply in my mouth almost choking me and holds me there.  I start gagging and try to pull back but he holds me tight.  Drool starts running down my chin as try to calm myself and breathe through my nose.

"You like pleasing me don't you?" He asks.

"mmhmm" I manage between gags.

"Good girl." he says. He pinches my nose closed for a few moments while I struggle to relax.  As soon as my body starts to relax he releases my nose and eases the pressure off the back of my head allowing me to pull back slightly. I sigh as my gag reflex lessens and I'm able to breathe deeply through my nose.

He returns to fucking my mouth harder pulling my head back until I can only feel the tip then plunging back in all the way making it hard to catch my breath.  I feel his muscles clenching and he slams into my mouth and releases himself down my throat.  I try to swallow as fast as I can but he is so far down my throat that some of his seed drips down my chin.

I look up hoping he isn't upset with me. My nipples harden as I see him looking down at me with pride and happiness.

"Very good." He says still gripping my hair, his cock still deep in my throat.  "What can I do to show my appreciation?" He asks.

I shiver.  He knows what I like.  What turns me on.  He pulls out of my mouth and pulls me to standing by my hair.

to be continued.......

Friday, March 25, 2016


I am panting and straining I was so close. Then I hear a click and the sound scraping and of something dropping to the floor.

"Figging was used in Victorian times as a form of punishment.  Some even say that it was used along with caning to help ensure that the person didn't clench their butt cheeks together during the fun. I have a piece of ginger root here and I am going to insert it into your pretty little ass and I'm going to rub some on your clit. It will burn but it won't harm you, I am only going to do this once but I could do this over and over for several hours if you insist on being a bad girl. Do you you understand?"

I shiver and whisper "Yes, Master"

"I'm not sure I heard you, speak up" he says.

"Yes Master" I say again this time louder "Thank you Sir."

"Good girl."

I hear a splash of water and then feel the cold wetness touch my bottom. I start to clench but a quick slap makes me release the muscles.  I feel the ginger slide inside me and just as I start to think it isn't so bad the sensation gets stronger and continues to grow.  I start to moan and wiggle the swing swaying. He reaches out and circles a piece across my clit and I can feel the warmth and burn traveling from back to front.  I start to pant.  I need it to stop, I need someone to touch me, I need something cool or something hard.  I really don't know what I need but the sensations are driving me crazy, the swing is swaying harder now as I twist and turn, I can feel my pussy swell with desire and need.  Tears are running down my face again and I start begging and pleading with him to make it stop, but he doesn't.

I feel a tug on the chain connected to the clamps on my nipples and I whimper harder and moan.  Then I feel something delicate slide across my stomach and I arch upward.  The softness moves downward tickling my inner thighs across my clit circling but just barely. I am desperate.  I want something harder, something to ease this ache I have building inside me.

I lose track of time but the burning sensation is starting to subside, its not as intense anymore but I still feel swollen and the heat between my legs is intense.  He reaches down and unclasps the bar separating my legs and steps between them, his fingers slide inside me.  I gasp and buck.

"Thats it, now I think you are ready for me." He says and his fingers slide out and I feel his cock slide deeply into me.

I moan and cry out as he fucks me hard.  I feel him reach around and pull the ginger out of my ass and drop it to the floor.  The heat is still intense and I am so aroused.  I feel myself reaching my peak.

"Please Master can I come?" I cry out.

"Not yet." He says and pounds me harder.

I am panting and desperate.  I'm not sure how much longer I can hold back. "Please Master!" I scream.

"Now" I hear him say as my body is ripped apart by my orgasm.  I feel him tug at the clamps on my nipples releasing them and I scream harder as the blood rushes back and I am hit with another orgasmic wave.

I feel him speeding up, knowing he is close.  I am all nerve endings and my orgasm seems to go on forever. I am shaking and crying and gasping.  I feel his release as my body starts to wind down.

He reaches up and removes the blind fold.

"You're a good girl. I'm going to untie you and you can rest for a short time on your mat in the corner but we aren't done."

I look up at him with my tear soaked face, "Thank you Master." I say wondering if I am capable of much more.

"Don't worry, I have faith in you.  I know you can handle it." He unties me and carries to my corner mat. Rest I will be back in a little while. He says and walks away.

I close my eyes, my body sore but happy, and fall asleep.

to be continued......

To learn more about figging I read this really great post by Master Michael  - check it out.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I slide into the swing and he ties my arms to the straps.  He puts a spreader bar between my legs and locks it in place around my ankles. I feel my pulse start to race.  He leans in and kisses me tenderly but pulls back knowing I want, no I need more. He walks behind me and slips a silk scarf around my eyes.  My nipples instantly harden and I can feel myself getting aroused.

He leans down and whispers in my ear.  "Its been a while so I'm going to take my time, I want you to know in advance you have a long day ahead. Do you understand and agree?"

I swallow hard, my body tingling all over, "Yes Master" I gasp.

"Good girl."

I lick my lips and brace myself.  I hear him walking around, his shirt coming off and dropping to the floor.  My body is on fire.  I don't know how I am going to endure a long session today.  Its been so long but I need it, I want it.

I feel him standing next to me, his hand slowly and softly circling my breast, his fingers flick my nipple and I gasp and arch my back.  I hear him chuckle.  His hand trails over to my other breast and he repeats his motions.  Then I hear a faint click and I hiss as a sharp pain bites down hard on my right nipple, the clamp firmly in place.  There is another click and I suck in my breath again as my left nipple is pinched hard between the metal clamp.

His hands travel down my body leaving goosebumps in their wake.  The pain in my nipples is waning to a dull throb. He reaches my thighs and runs his hands along both my inner thighs causing me to strain forward.  His hands move up closer to where I want them, I start panting and know that I am swollen and wet.  His hand brushes across my lips and I moan, his fingers slide up and down seeking my clit. I try to move my hips to help get him where I need him.  His finger circles it once, twice then a scream escapes me as he pinches it between his fingers. I groan and he twists and tugs at it. I buck wildly trying to push away but he has me gripped tightly.  Finally he releases me and slides two fingers inside me.  I arch back and despite my still painfully throbbing clit I moan and try to get his fingers in deeper.  He pushes them in and out, his fingers beckoning.  I feel the pressure building inside me.  Its been such a long time since he has touched me, I don't know how much I can take, and then his fingers are gone and I hear him walk away.

I bite my lip and whimper straining at my bonds knowing it is no use but doing it out of frustration.  I am so focused on straining and trying to pull my legs together that I don't hear him when he approaches me again.  But then I hear it, the distinct whistle right before the sting of his crop slicing through the air.  I barely have time to brace myself before I feel the crack on my inner thigh.  The first is followed quickly by a second then a third and it continues, my thighs burning the occasional sharp tap on my clit that makes me gasp and strain.  The tears are running down my face making the silk cold against my face while the lower half of me is on fire.  He stops and runs his cool hands against my thighs.  They feel so good.  He stops and I hear his zipper and I whimper. I want to feel him inside me.

I feel the head of his cock as he moves it gently against me. Teasing me.

"You want this don't you?" He asks.

"Yes Master" I whimper.

He pushes into me till just the tip of him is inside of me.  I groan and try to pull him closer but he holds the swing still and out of reach.

Then he pulls back "No I don't think you are quite ready for me yet." he says and I hear him zip his pants back up.  I cry out.

"Please!" I beg, "Please Master"

He laughs "No, not yet, but soon."

I hear him walk away, I know he has left the room but I have no idea where he has gone.  A short time later I hear his footsteps coming back.

"I have something special for you. I have one last punishment for you. I can make this difficult for you but I think this time I will go easy, but rest assured if you disobey me again in such a way and it will be much more difficult." he says.

My heart rates speeds up again. My lips part and I start to shake. I had thought my punishment over.

He pulls the chain on one of the nipple clamps and I hiss in pain.

"Do you know what Figging is?" He asks.

His fingers move down and lazily circle my clit.

I freeze, my mind searching through all the things I've read.  I know that term, it was used as a punishment. I can't remember what it is, my body is betraying me, his fingers not allowing me to concentrate, I moan and squirm under his torment and then he stops.

to be continued........

Monday, March 21, 2016


Head thrown back, lips parted, body arched. My heart pounds, my breath coming in gasps. My thighs quiver, as my mind shatters overcome by the sensations wracking my body.

I sit up gasping, my heart pounding the dream was so real and so intense. They were getting more intense.  I look around, the dim light illuminating the sparse room.  Only furnished with a bed and a small bucket.  I am alone. I look at the door knowing it is locked.

My breathing has slowed. My nipples are still hard and straining for touch.  I look under the covers my eyes skimming my naked body down to the leather manacle circling my left ankle, a chain snaking under the covers and bolted to the wall.

I sigh, I hate not sleeping in his bed.  Its been 2 weeks of sleeping alone.  I long for his touch, his mouth on mine, even the sting of his crop. He's upset with me. I was willful and disobedient.  I've never been punished for so long.  I feel drops hitting my breasts and realize I am crying.  I feel my world shattering.  I don't know why I disobeyed.  It was like I couldn't stop myself.  He has always forgiven me in the past I hope he will this time.

Every day he comes to my door unlocks me ankle, attaches my leash to my collar and walks me to the bathroom.  I am allowed 20 minutes to shower and get ready. I am then led to the kitchen and fed, after which he drives me to work.  He hasn't spoken to me.  Won't look at me.  Work is torture. I put on a happy face for my co-workers but they know something is wrong but what can I tell them? I disobeyed and have been sleeping in the small basement room chained to the wall? I don't think so.

He picks me up, and when we get home he strips me and we have dinner.  I am then led back to my room where I am to stay until morning. I am not allowed to touch him and I have been instructed not to touch myself even though I am desperate to and its getting worse by the day.  The camera in the corner of the room reminds me he is watching.

I hear the key turn in the lock and look over at the door.  It slowly eases open. He stands there a moment.  He comes to me, unchains me, attaches my leash and we slowly walk out of the room.  He leads me upstairs but instead of going toward the bathroom he leads me to the playroom.  I stagger, and fall to my knees.  I look up at him, hope in my eyes.  He looks down at me with a sly smile.

"I think its time to end your torment and something tells me you won't be so quick to disobey again." he says as he takes my hand and lifts me to my feet leading me over to the swing in the corner.

                    to be continued......

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Wishes

I wanted to stop by and say thank you to all of you who have written to me making sure that I am okay. I am doing fine, life has just been very busy. I have been out of the country and involved in a very big project overseas so I have not had a lot of free time to write lately. I do think of you and this blog often and feel sad that I've neglected it. Hopefully soon I will be back to writing and expressing myself. I know I've said that before and each time I truly mean it, maybe this time it will actually happen.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and a joyous new year. May it be filled with erotic dreams and fantasies and may all your kinky wishes come true.

Peace to all, love to all!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A long time gone....

Geez it's been a long time since I've sat at this computer. It seems the summer just slipped right on by. I've spent the last few hours catching up on blogs and reading about what has changed and what has not. For some there have been big momentous events and their lives are evolving others it seems are still on the same merry-go-round. Then again I often feel that way about my life as well same crap different day. Work has been all consuming as well as life. I'm not sure what direction I'm headed at the moment. I was in a huge slump not really sure which way it was going to go but it seems like it is starting to head in a good direction. So I'll keep my fingers crossed and hang on.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Forgive me readers, I know I have been absent. There have been weddings, funerals, sickness, graduations, great adventurous trips etc that have all piled up in a matter of only a few months. Luckily I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

I can feel my creative juices starting to flow again. Little ideas that percolate in my head itching to get out. I'm not sure when but I will be back to share more of what my life and mind hold.

In the meantime I hope you are enjoying your summer, getting out there and experiencing the warm sunshine which there has been not nearly enough of. Or the cool rain that seems to endlessly fall around here. I stopped being miserable about the rain and have decided to embrace it. Standing in it letting it fall upon my face, feeling it soak through my clothing making it stick and cling to my body, the cool air creating goosebumps on my flesh. Feeling the sensuality of it as it kisses and slides down my body.

So go jump in a puddle, or roll down a grassy hill, go for a walk in a stream, do something childish and fun and remember what this life is supposed to be about. Experience, feel, live, we take life way too seriously most of the time. Embrace your inner child and be wild, youthful and fun. Until later....