Friday, August 22, 2008

A Big Decision

This is an excerpt from another story from the life of my favorite couple...Her Master has just told her she needs to leave for 6 months to decide whether or not she wants to be owned and not just one of his many slaves.

I tucked my legs under me and sat up, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissed him. A deep kiss, filled with longing, desire and fear. This might be the last time we were together. I couldn’t imagine it. I pressed my body to his. “Please, Sir” I whispered and reached out to take off his shirt, needing to feel his skin touch mine.

He pushed me back a little and pulled his shirt off, unbuttoned his pants and shifted his body so they slid off and landed on the floor. He reached over and grabbed me. I straddled him and sank down on his cock burying it deep inside me. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back, and looked deep into my eyes.

He pulled a little harder causing me to arch back as he buried his face in my breasts, suckling at each nipple while I rode him taking him deep inside me over and over again. I quickly felt my desire peak. “Please Sir…please…”

He brought his hand up to my lips, with his mouth still wrapped around my nipple, he mumbled “Not this time, this time you come when you are ready.”

I groaned picking up my pace. He reached around behind me and pushed first one then two fingers in my ass. I shivered, pleasure racing down my spine to pool between my legs and then an explosion of light so amazing. “Yes, Oh God yes!” I screamed.

I felt his body tighten on the brink of his own orgasm as my body convulsed around his fingers and cock. A few more thrusts and I felt his cock thicken as he came inside me, a groan escaping his lips.

We sat there like that wrapped together for several moments, enjoying the shaking sated feeling in our bodies. He carefully removed his fingers from inside me, and laid back pulling me down with him but keeping his cock inside me.

He stroked my head as we lay there. We must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was dark and he was shaking me awake. “It’s time.” He said kissing me. He gently moved out from under me and stood pulling on his jeans. “It’s time to go, our discussion about what you need to do is over, and the choice is now up to you. You can either give yourself the time to make this decision to return or you can walk away tonight and never return. I can’t compromise on this.” For a moment I thought I saw sorrow in his eyes but he quickly turned away. “I’ll meet you downstairs; your clothes are in the closet, leave your collar on the bed.”

My tears starting up again as I watched him leave the room. I quickly got up and got dressed. My fingers hesitated with the buckle on the back of the leather collar. When I finally got it undone I held it in my hands looking at it. I didn’t want to let it go but I knew the only way I could keep it was by leaving. So really, I had no choice. I knew I couldn’t walk away tonight, and never return. As much as what he explained scared me and as much as it hurt I would have to give him his six months. I laid the collar gently on the pillow and left the room.

He was standing in the living room when I came down the stairs. I wiped the tears from my face and approached him. He reached out for me and folded me in his arms. He rested his cheek against the top of my head. “I’ll take the six months, I said, but I don’t need it. I’ll be back Sir.”

He sighed, kissed the top of my head pulling a key out of his pocket. “Take this. I’ll give you two additional weeks at the end of 6 months to make a decision to return but I don’t want to see you before six months. If you don’t return I’ll change the locks and this will be goodbye, do you understand?”

I looked up at him through my tears and shook my head “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl, I hope you come back to me.” He said and turned to walk me to the door.

As I stepped out the door I turned and looked back. “We don’t have to do this, Sir.” I said, “Please don’t make me do this.”

“Think of this as another step in your training. This isn’t a request I’m making. Enjoy your freedom for the next 6 months.” he said, “It’s the only way I’ll accept your answer.” And with that said he closed the door.

I stood there a moment lost. “Freedom”… I already had freedom, and this sure didn’t feel like it. I didn’t know what this was but it sure didn’t feel like the release I felt when I had a collar around my neck and knelt at his feet. I wanted to bang on the door, beg him to let me back in but I knew it wouldn’t make a difference; in fact it would only make things worse. If I truly wanted to serve him, be owned by him, be his slave, then I needed to begin now and follow orders. I wiped the tears from my cheeks and walked away, wondering what I was going to do for the next week let alone the next six months.

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