Monday, September 1, 2008

In Plain Site (3 of 3)

Master stepped back admiring his work. “Very nice, you can just barely see a glimmer of the jewel between your cheeks.”

I took his word for it as my body adjusted to the full feeling, it made me want to move, to feel it move in and out of me, it was like an itch that needed to be scratched. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to bear it out in public, the constant stimulation. Master came to stand beside me but facing me, leaning against the wall. He slipped his hand between my legs and ran his fingers through my wetness.

“Good girl, nice and ready for me. Do you think you can maintain your composure?”

“I don’t know Sir, I will try Sir.” I said my fingers gripping the rail so tight I was afraid it would break.

“Good girl” he said.

From the front we probably looked like we were just carrying on a conversation. Master calming leaning back against the railing, me facing the street, but looking at him. The difference was that his fingers were expertly sliding through my wetness, circling my clit making my legs shake and quiver. The plug in my ass was raising the sensations in my body making everything seem so much more intense. My breath started coming a little faster; I squirmed pressing my hips into his hand wanting more pressure, wanting to feel his fingers slip inside me. I could feel my face slipping from neutral to one of glazed desire.

“Maintain slave, do you want the neighbors to know what a little slut you are? Do you want them to know what is happening? If that’s the case why don’t I just take you right here? Would you like that? Just bend you over and take what’s mine right here on the porch in full view of everyone?”

“No Sir, please not that.” I said blushing. Somewhere in my head I didn’t believe that he would actually do that, he liked his privacy, but you never know. He often surprised me with some of the boundaries he was willing to push. I struggled to pull myself together, to maintain an outward appearance of calm but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

“Is it up to you?” he asked

“No Sir. This body belongs to you, and you can use it whenever you want, however you want.” I said.

“That’s right, remember that slave.” He said as he slid two fingers inside of me.

I moaned and angled my body toward him moving my hips in time with his hand. I could feel the pressure building inside me. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could maintain this charade. I didn’t know if I could stand here and pretend nothing was happening as my body shattered with desire. I’ve always been told that I was easy to read. That I couldn’t hide my emotions and this was one emotion that I knew would be difficult to mask.

My lips parted as I gasped for breath. I wanted more, faster, harder, the desires becoming stronger. Master stood up straight, and angled his body in front of mine, pulling me in for an embrace, his hand still between my legs.

“Good girl, slave, you stood there longer than I expected. Are you ready to come for me?”

“Yes Master”, I mumbled my face buried in his chest, my arms wrapped tightly around him. I knew all it would take was his permission and I would crumble, slipping into an abyss of pleasure.

“Come for me slave, but remember where you are.”

My body exploded and I practically climbed into his arms. As my body contracted around his fingers and the plug in my ass, I pressed my body into his needing to feel him deeper inside me, not wanting it to end. I threw caution to the wind and became the inner slut in me rode his fingers, not caring who saw me. His body was in front of me though protecting mine from being seen from the street but at that point I didn’t notice and didn’t care, I just knew I didn’t want him to ever stop doing what he was doing. My knees gave out and if it wasn’t for his arms wrapped around me I would have collapsed. I was panting and sobbing from the strain of trying to be quiet, something I am never good at and why I often wind up gagged.

Finally the sensations started to disperse. The muscles in my legs while still weak would now hold me. His arms loosened around me. He kissed the top of my head and slid his fingers out of my pussy. I groaned hating the vacant sensation he left when he did that.

“Thank you Master.” I mumbled.

“You are very welcome slave.” He said. “Lets go inside I have another treat for you.”

I leaned back and looked up at him as he took my hand and pressed it to the front of his pants so I could feel the hardness of his cock. But before I could react he spun me around a hand gripping the back of my neck firmly and walked me into the bedroom, the plug in my ass causing little shudders of desire to build with each step and a moan to escape my lips. I didn’t know what other pleasures or pain awaited me once we passed through the door to our home but I had no doubt that whatever it was I would happily oblige.

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Anonymous said...

Very hot. I love the fact that I hate ANYTHING in public, but once that pleasure just washes over...There is no care in the world. It's a good feeling.