Saturday, September 13, 2008

The M Word

Just a quick update to say Master was gracious as always, my plea for release was granted which was a good thing because I think everyone around me was starting to wonder what my problem was. I lost my temper several times, had no concentration, and was just downright cranky most of the day.

When I was finally able to use Masters token it was bliss. There is something to be said for getting extremely aroused and frustrated before being able to come. The orgasms are more powerful, your body feels the release that much more. I went from being a cranky annoying brat to peaceful, playful and fun. I felt the tension in my muscles dissolve as my body quivered and convulsed and released.

Writing this I realize how little people talk about masturbation. Its such a taboo subject. I read all these blogs and very rarely (although there are a few) do you ever see anyone write about self pleasure. They will write about anal sex, oral sex, rope play, different fetishes, sadistic tendencies but they never reveal that they masturbate. I find that fascinating. Is masturbation more taboo then telling the world you like to get tied up, spanked and taken in the ass?

I have written several posts on the subject, to me it's natural but even I have a hard time asking Master to allow me to please myself. Sometimes that's more out of a desire to keep myself in a certain state for him, but sometimes its just out of embarrassment that even though he made me come 8 times only a few days ago I need it again! My problem isn't being embarrassed about masturbating its more about coming to terms with my high sex drive. Its still so taboo for women to have a high sex drive, and it is ridiculed so much you that you start to wonder if there isn't something wrong with you, but that's a different post.

We are sexual creatures and there isn't always someone around to help you out with your sexual needs and sometimes (shhhhh, this one is really taboo) you just want to do it yourself. I mean who knows your body better than you do? If your answer was someone other than yourself than you need to lock yourself in a room and explore your body until you know it best. If I don't know what pleases me or how I like to be touched how can I tell my partner? They aren't omnipotent, sometimes they need direction. I know I find it extremely helpful when Master tells me what makes him feel good. I want to please him but I didn't always know what types of things rocked his world. Guidance can be key to having a satisfying sexual relationship.

How often do you hear people, particularly women say that their partner doesn't always know how to bring them to orgasm? I hear it all the time (women for some reason like to talk about these things when we drink). I feel sorry for these women, when I ask if they tell their partners what they want they look at me shocked. "No way" is the response I often hear, "that would be too embarrassing. " Too embarrassing? Its better to be left sexually frustrated than it is to tell the person you are engaged in one of the most intimate acts with that he/she needs to move a little to the left or you want more pressure here or there or to pull your hair? That's crazy! I know some of the more kinky stuff might be hard to discuss but no one should deny themselves pleasure because they are too embarrassed to tell their partner what gets them off.

Okay so my quick little post turned out to be a bit longer than expected but this is an important subject. Masturbation is normal! It's healthy, it has an stupid sounding name but its fun, more people should do it. And just as a little side note most of the blogs I read that do talk about this subject are written by women. I know the men out there are masturbating, so why aren't they writing about it? Just one of those interesting observations that make me wonder.


Sexie Sadie~ said...

I have written about mastubation, too. And, you are right, not a lot of men write about it. I would love to read a self-love post written by a man, that would be hot. I know how much I enjoy watching a guy masturbate, to hear his words on the subject would be highly erotic! And, masturbation should not be taboo. It is an inherent function that everyone does, like peeing, pooping, eating, sleeping :) Everybody's doing it!! Join the partayyyy!!!! xo~Sadie

Anonymous said...

I agree with you and sadie, masturbation should be much more open. I can't speak for everyone but I mind many of my girlfriends refuse to even admit they masturbate despite what I know to be true. Its natural! I think we all need to get over it.


Masters slave said...

I would love here is the real question how do we get one of the male bloggers to write about it? I totally agree it could be hot.

Anonymous said...

just ask them, that is my suggestion. I doubt they would refuse

Masters slave said...

Got anyone in mind?

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and find it quite wonderful! I identify with you in some ways - I too am an executive - I too am a sub, though not a slave.

On the masturbation theme...well though my blog is new i have mentioned it...Masturbation is a HUGE part of my life..but yes i acknowledge it does seem to be a taboo subject... In time I will comment on it more on my blog!