Friday, September 26, 2008

Missing You

I listen to the soft mechanical whir of the fan above my head. The temperature must have dropped during the night because the room is cold. The shade bangs against the window frame, blown by the cool breeze passing through the screen. I want to move, I want to close the window, but I don’t. I lay there frozen, curled beneath the down comforter, warm in my cocoon. I reach out to touch the empty space beside me, wishing you were there. I close my eyes and hear your voice in my head, soothing me, reminding me we will be together soon.

I bring my hand back and slide it under my shirt. Imagining my hands are yours as they glide across my breasts, cupping them, squeezing them, caressing them. My nipples harden waiting for your lips, my back arches, pressing them forward. They ache with a desire that will have to wait for another day.

I slide my hand down my belly, taking my time to explore the hardness of my ribs, the soft skin of my belly, the cold metal ring in my belly button, the sharp curve of my hip bone. I squirm under my own hand, imagining it is you reaching through the distance to tease me, and stroke my flames of desire.

I slowly slide my fingers over my panties wanting the sensations to last. My hand runs down my thighs, my legs part, my breath comes faster. My fingers graze the damp material between my legs my muscles tense, my hips lift. I imagine your warmth pressed against me, the hardness of your cock crazing my leg, your arm draped across my body as your fingers explore every inch of me, your lips close to my ear telling me exactly what you are going to do to me.

A small moan escapes my lips as I slip my fingers inside my panties, pushing them down, and then softly gliding my fingers through the evidence of my desire. I slide a finger inside myself, my muscles tensing around it, pulling it deeper within me. My body shivers, I slowly slide in and out fanning the flames, bringing myself closer to the edge. My thumb grazes my clit, sending electric tingles of energy through my body. I want more, I need more; I want to feel you deep inside me, filling me, impaling me, and claiming me.

I move my fingers up to circle my clit. I can’t hold back much longer, my body is on fire. I need this release but don’t want the sensations to end. I focus on the burning fires raging through my body, my hips arch, my muscles tense, my breath comes faster. I try to hold back just a little longer but my body has other ideas. White light flashes before my eyes as my body bows and the orgasm sweeps through me. I can feel the muscles deep inside me contracting around emptiness, missing the full hardness of you thrusting in and out of me. Wanting to feel your pace increase, your cock thicken and finally your release.

As my breath returns to normal, and my fantasies subside I am left alone once again. I stare at the empty spot next to me missing you.

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