Sunday, September 7, 2008

Clarification regarding my apology

Apparently there are some who felt that having to write a public apology was a bit harsh for my indiscretions, but I need to clarify, I am a strong, willful person used to being in charge, getting my way and demanding things of others and I need a strong hand to keep me in line.

In my position as a professional if an employee under me continued to flaunt the rules, there would come a point where I would have to draw a line and demand the rules be followed or the consequences would increase. I have learned that if you overlook someone breaking a rule however minor eventually that person learns that they may get away with more. They start to push the limits. You find this when dealing with children also. Toddlers push limits to see what they can get away with. I may hate being reprimanded, or punished, I may even voice an objection but I also know that Master is doing it because if he gives even an inch with me, I will take the advantage and use it. If I get away with one thing I will test again to see what else I can take.

Master is strict but he is also very good to me and cares for me a great deal, he doesn't hand out harsh punishments just to see me squirm like many others do and quite honestly I thought that this was not all that horrible. I have been reprimanded, and mildly punished many times in the past for these same offenses and yet I have not changed my behavior. I believe his intention was that by putting me in my place, reminding me that I answer to him and that there are rules that I am expected to follow would help to curb behavior that hasn't been modified in other ways.

I don't like disappointing my Owner and while I wasn't thrilled with my assignment I understood it. While I appreciate that some people felt that Master was being too harsh I want to remind you that this is only a small piece of our lives, you can't judge our whole relationship on one post.

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Anonymous said...

I always thought it ironic that stubborn women choose to be slaves. It makes little/no sense and yet somehow it works.
I might be the only person to say it, but I think your Master did the right thing. He knows you and therefore knows how to deal with you. It seems you have a good relationship.