Monday, December 22, 2008


We stared out at the empty beach enjoying the peaceful quiet of the morning. The wind pushed the sand making it dance and swirl, the waves crashed upon the shore leaving little trails of foam as the tide washed out. I watched this silent movie from high above, through the window of the hotel room as I lay in bed the covers pulled up to my chin. Master had his body pressed against my back, his arm draped over my waist, his fingers lightly tracing small circles across my belly, my hips, my breasts. I sighed and wiggled closer to him feeling his hardness press against me, a small moan escaped my lips.

Time seemed to stand still as we lay there. Masters hands continued sending little shivers of pleasure down my body, teasing me. Soon the water didn’t really matter, the calmness of the scenery overshadowed by the burning demand to move, to touch, to taste. Master kept me where I was not allowing me to turn or touch him. The ache between my legs grew, but I knew I was at his mercy.

Through my desire filled haze I felt him shift, “Put this in your mouth.” He said his hand twisting in my hair, pulling me around and forcing my head downward. I groaned in happiness and smiled eagerly before opening my mouth to service him.

I stuck out my tongue and licked around the tip of his cock, I was in ecstasy, I had been waiting for this, to taste him, to touch him. Slowly I wrapped my lips around him sliding down his length while my tongue danced around until I could feel him in the back of my throat. His grip on my hair tightened and he held me there, his cock filling my mouth. I moaned and wriggled, soon I felt a tug on my hair as he allowed me movement as he guided my head up and down.

I shifted position so my body straddled his leg, my breasts grazing his thigh, my nipples tightening as they rubbed against the coarse hair on his leg. His movements became more and more forceful. I tried not to gag as he moved deeper and deeper in my throat, saliva pooling in the corners of my lips because I couldn’t swallow fast enough.

It frightened and excited me when he was forceful and rough. I loved the feeling of total helplessness, of being at his mercy, of knowing that he was stronger and I had little choice but to obey. Occasionally my instincts would kick in and I would try to fight back, if he pushed to deeply in my mouth gagging me, I would feel my head try to pull back, my hands would try and push me away but it never really worked. Then I would bring myself back, remembering who was using me this way, and I would calm down relaxing into the sensations. Somehow Master always seemed to know when I surrendered, letting go of my fears, it was like he would wait until that point before he would unbalance me by exerting his dominance in a new would.

“Get on your knees, head down and face the window” He said forcefully pushing me away.

My brain took a few moments to shift gears but I made my way up to my knees, bending forward my ass presented to him for whatever he had planned. My head was turned to the side, as I waiting in anticipation of what came next. I felt him move behind me, sliding his hands over and across my ass a few times making me squirm and then a sharp crack as his hand came down making me jump and turn my head to bury my face in the blankets. My mind started to wander as I thought about what people might see if our room had been lower, or if it had been nighttime, the lights on and the shades open. I shivered with a mix of excitement and fear. He gave me a few more hard spanks bringing me back from my thoughts to the present. I could feel the heat from where his hand had landed, my skin felt swollen and tender.

“Your ass is getting nice and red. Do you have anything to say about that?”

“No Sir, That’s the way you like it.”

His hand came down again, making me wince and groan. “Do you let just anyone spank you?”

“No Sir.”

He landed another strike, making me whimper. “Aren’t you a grown woman, an executive? Aren’t you in charge?”

“Yes Sir.” I braced myself expecting another strike but it didn't come.

“Then why is this happening? Why do you let me spank you?” He asked.

I relaxed, thinking the spanking was over. “Because you own me Sir, I……” I choked on my words as another blow landed sharply across my ass unsettling me once again. I whimpered and tried again, “I, I am your property, and you can do what you want.” I said slowly.

“That’s right.” He said and I felt his hands grip my hips tightly and the pressure of his cock against me as he buried himself deeply inside me. I cried out loving the full feeling of him impaling me.

He pulled back until he was just barely inside me.

I whimpered and wriggled trying to push him back deeper inside me but he held me fast.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I want you deeper; I love the way you feel when you’re buried deep inside me,” I whined. “please Sir, please……"

I felt the air move but my brain didn’t register what was happening before I felt another sharp sting on my ass, this one much harder than the last. I cried out, tears involuntarily forming in the corners of my eyes.

“Is that the proper way to address me when I am inside you?” He barked.

“No, Sss…Master.” I whispered.

“That’s better, don’t forget your manners. Now continue what you were saying.”

“I….I …please Master, I want to feel you deep inside me.” I begged.

“It’s not really about what you want.” He said as he slowly pushed only the tip of his cock in and out of me, tormenting me.

“No, Ss…Master, I am at your service, whatever you desire, this body is yours.” I answered, hoping that my answers would produce the results my body wanted, needed, craved.

I felt his hands on my hips tighten and I cried out in happiness, pleasure and frustration as he began roughly thrusting in and out of me. My tears flowed freely now, my emotions overwhelmed by the sensations flowing through my body. One of his hands slid down to my mid back forcibly keeping me from raising my upper body, bending me even further in half.

My back ached, and with every thrust there was pain mixed with pleasure from him driving into me so deep and so hard. It felt good to be so roughly used, I felt joy, and happiness, pleasure and pain but most of all surrender. I was his, I belong to him, my body responded to his hands, I was his instrument to play when he desired.

The pressure was building in my body, I held it back as best I could, but my control was starting to slip. I wasn’t sure if he was going to allow me to come but soon that option may be out of either one of our control as I felt my will over my body begin to fail.

Master must have sensed what was happening, and slowed his movement just enough for me to get a handle on my control. I was becoming delirious, primal instincts taking over, as I moved my body in ways I knew would please him. I heard his sounds of approval as I reached back to feel him as he slid in and out of me.

“Come for me slave.” He said and grabbed a fistful of my hair pulling my head back as he increased his movements once again. I had been waiting for those words, “Thank you Master” I cried out. I had been hoping I would hear those words soon and my body shivered and exploded with the first tug of my hair. I screamed and bucked, never wanting it to end. I felt his body tense, his cock thicken, and his body shudder as he spilled into me. We collapsed together on the bed, panting, and spent.

I whimpered when he pulled out, and he chuckled, knowing that I hated that part more than anything, hated the separation that would leave me feeling empty. After we cleaned up he pulled me back into his arms and we resumed watching the waves down below and he resumed running his hands and fingers across my belly, and hips.

He leaned close to my ear and whispered “You’re a good slave, I’m glad I own you.”

I snuggled back into his warmth a smile on my lips. My body was sated and my mind was content. I am owned I thought and the pleasure of those three little words resonated inside me making me happy, content and a little scared, but I pushed the fear away for another day and with Masters warmth at my back, wrapped in the security of my Owners arms I drifted off to sleep.

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