Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Wish

A Christmas wish....

I miss my friend.
I haven't seen my friend for quite some time.
Loving yet harsh, I always anticipate our next meeting.
I have a love hate relationship with my friend.

I love the way my friend makes my heart beat faster.
I love the way my skin tingles in anticipation of my friends touch.
I feel a flush of heat between my legs whenever my friend comes to play.

My friend can also be cruel.
Sometimes leaving harsh marks upon my body.
Occasionally, my friends touch reduces me to tears of joy, of pain, of excitement.
Despite this I am happy when my friend is around.

Some will wonder why we are friends and this I can not explain.
I think the friendship grew on me.
I didn't like my friend at all when we first met but I have come to understand and appreciate the different aspects my friend brings to my life.

Many may wonder how Master feels when my friend is around.
I think he appreciates my friend as much as I do.
He watches the different emotions as they flit across my face when my friend comes to play.
And he loves the way my friend makes me gasp, moan, flinch and scream.

My Christmas wish is that Master will allow my friend to come play again.
I will beg if I need to, down on my knees.
Please Master, please it's been a long time, bring the crop out of hiding, I miss it so much.
The bite and the sting of my friend striking my flesh, I crave it, I need it, I yearn for its touch.
I hope Christmas dreams do come true and my friend will come visit very soon.

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