Saturday, February 7, 2009


I lay on side on the bed in my panties and bra.
"Push your thoughts aside and just feel" he says.
The rough sensation of his hand against my skin makes me tingle.
I love he way his fingers gently dancing across my flesh right before he pinches or slaps me.
"Close your eyes"
I do as I'm told, laying there my eyes shut focusing on his touch.
Across my belly, my hips, down my thighs, his hands go where they want after all I am his.
He doesn't ask when he pulls my panties down in the back exposing my ass.
I feel naughty, exposed, my panties half off his hand kneading and parting the rounded cheeks of my ass.
I push back into him which must have been what he was waiting for since when he achieved it his hands moved on.
Back up across my belly traveling to my breasts.
I reach back to unhook it for him but he stops me.
"Relax, if I want it off I'll take it off."
His hand reaches under my bra, gripping my breast.
His fingers rolling and gently flicking my nipple. First one then the other.
I don't want him to stop.
It feels so good.
I want to press my breasts harder into his hands but don't worried it will make him stop like it did when he had his hands on my ass.
After a few moments though I lose that precious control and my body takes over, my brain shuts down.
I press my chest forward.
When his hand slips from under my bra I make a soft whimper.
I knew it was going to happen but I had hoped it wouldn't stop.
His hand makes its way slowly back to my ass where he begins to gently spank me.
The strikes are more like pats but begin to increase in strength.
I feel the heat building within me.
I can imagine the redness of my flesh under his hand.
I wiggle and push back even though each sting of his hand increases in pain.
I can't help it I want more.
My flesh feels alive, tingling, flushed with heat.
All too soon he stops and pulls me tight against him.
I feel his hardness pushing against my ass.
I push back but he stills me with a firm grip on my hips.
"Not yet" He says.
And his hand moves back up to caress my belly, his fingers slipping into the front of my panties teasing me as they quickly slide back out.
He pulls my panties down the rest of the way tossing them aside.
His hands now roam free his fingers softly tickling the inside of my thigh, grazing across my clit and then quickly away.
He cups his hand between my legs, one finger slipping briefly between my lips feeling my wetness.
I wiggle wanting more but he holds me where I am.
His hand tightens slightly, "this is mine along with the rest of you, I know you want more but right now I am enjoying my exploration. This may be all you get. I havent' decided if I will allow you more or if I will use you today. Perhaps I will just tease you today and use you tomorrow."
I whimper, pushing into his hand.
"Be good and I may change my mind and use you sooner rather than later although I do like the thought of you walking around all day with wet panties."
"Please Master" I whisper.
"We shall see." he said as he thrust two fingers deep inside me and then quickly removed them.
I whimpered and groaned knowing that it was going to be along day.

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Masters slave said...

EEEk! Doubleknot and Charli I hit the wrong button and wound up deleting your comments and can't get them back. I'm so sorry!

Doubleknot - glad you enjoyed the post.

Charli...I know sometimes being a slave is so difficult. :::smile:::