Thursday, February 19, 2009

Letting The Leash Out

I was in a particularly randy mood the other day. I'm not sure what came over me but geez was I was a horny little slut. Master played me until tears formed in my eyes allowing me to come several times, it was blissful.

My take charge attitude was in attendance though and luckily Master was in an indulgent mood because there were definitely points at which I was pretty direct in what I wanted and didn't ask but just took. I occasionally see this dominant part of my personality coming through and she doesn't like the word "no". I used to get pushy and angry when I didn't get my way but I have learned that forcing the issue doesn't lead to pleasant consequences. In fact just the opposite of pleasant.

Somewhere along the way my subconscious mind kicked in and I switched tactics. My submissive side now joins the dominant side in a manipulative game of begging and tying to convince Master that its really his idea.

Of course he will usually indulge me for a short period of time and then retake the control gathering my hands behind my back, grabbing a handful of my hair tightly and holding my head still as he forces his cock down my throat to the point of gagging and keeping it there. Allowing me to build myself up to the brink only to hold my hips so I am unable to move, so that I feel his cock deep inside me, filling me making my walls twitch around him. I struggle a little, whimpering and whining while the dominant nature flees as fast as she came replaced by the twitching obedient slut that I hide underneath.

I think he lets me entertain my delusions like this sometimes because he likes to watch me pout and throw a little temper tantrum when I don't get my way. Its like loosening up on the leash of a dog to only moments later reign it in reminding the pet who is really in control. Giving that sense of freedom only to be brought back under firm control. Its frustrating, entertaining, erotic and fulfilling.


Charli said...

smile....such a lucky girl to have found a Master she can't that truly knows how to handle and control the clever girl/woman that she is.

It is an incredibly erotic experience.....that feeling of being reigned in, that you describe....incredibly erotic!

Shadow said...

my mistress knows what she's doing too.. sometimes when i ask her for something i really want it.. and she says no.. but sometimes i get into a feeling when i WANT her to say no.. and she knows when i'm doing that too.