Saturday, January 3, 2009


Why do so many Masters/Doms think that all slaves/subs should revere them and submit to them?

In my opinion just because you identify as a Master doesn't necessarily mean that I owe you my servitude. I submit to my Master, I am polite to other Doms/Masters or at least I try to be polite, it doesn't always work. I think sometimes people think to dominate you have to be rude, impolite or put others down in order to build yourself up. I hate to break it to those people but that's not the way it works in my world and I have a bit too much dominance in me to put up with egotistical morons who think the world revolves around them just because they discovered BDSM and have designated themselves a Dom.

I think the main thing is that everyone has different rules that they need to follow, mine don't include having to submit or put on a pedestal anyone who identifies as a Master. I answer to my Master, I follow his rules, orders, and quite frankly he is the only one I care about offending or disobeying. I also do not and will not (unless ordered to) refer to anyone else as Master. If I use that title with everyone what is there to differentiate mine with all the others? To me it is a title of Ownership. Since I only have one owner I can only refer to one person as Master.

I apologize for the rant but I received one too many e-mails from patronizing SOB's telling me I don't show enough respect for other Doms in my posts on some of the boards and that since I identify as a slave I should call all dominates Master...uh I don't think so.


elspeth said...

From my Master: I love this, so sensible and thoughtful. What brainless arrogance these jerks are parading!

While I find it nice that sometimes, in online posts and responses, subs and slaves address me as 'sir', I don't delude myself that I have earned their submission, or any other special consideration. Submission is given, not demanded, otherwise it loses its value.

Masters slave said...

Sir Zajal (grin) - Thank you for your comments...Depending on the circumstance and who I am addressing I may address another Dom/Master as Sir, but will definitely not refer to them as Master. Ooo that just bothers me. (if you didn't notice that already!)

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. Respect is all they will ever get. My Master and I have a rule, he is the only one called Master no matter who the company happens to be. Love your blog. Hope your New Year was good.