Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happily Content

I lay on the bed excitement and nervousness coursing through me. Master told me earlier that he was going to crop me later but you never know with him, he could have just been saying that to excite me and stir me up or he could have meant it. Lying there I was torn between hoping he meant it and nervous. I love Master's crop. I love the way it feels when the leather stings my ass with that sharp snap, I love it when he drags the tip of it across my body, or tickles my nipples with it. I know the pain it is capable of causing and yet I crave it.

I heard Master enter the bedroom and my body tensed not knowing what to expect. I heard the whistle before I felt the sting and my body tensed, exactly what I knew it shouldn't do because it always hurt worse when it did. It wasn't Master's crop it was his flogger and it whistled in the air again and again as stung my back, my ass and the back of my thighs. I lay there willing myself to relax into the feeling but it was difficult. He ran his cool hand down my back every now and then admiring the color and just when I thought another round would begin I felt a familiar tickle on my back as Master ran his crop up my back and then down again. As it reached my ass I couldn't help from wiggle a little and then I felt its bite. Again and again rotating between the two Master whipped me until I looked like I had just stepped out of a tanning booth. The heat on my back increasing with each stoke. I waffled between pain and arousal not knowing whether I wanted him to stop and take me or keep going and prolong my torment.

Master did stop eventually and lay down on the bed allowing me to hungrily lick, suck and worship his cock. I knelt beside him my ass within easy reach in case he wasn't finished cropping me. My body was pleasantly tingling from the beating and feeling Masters hardness between my lips was making me squirm with desire. I wanted him inside me but knew I was going to have to wait. As I tended to my task I felt a tickle between my thighs and Master told me to open my legs for him. I obeyed and was rewarded by the feeling of the leather tip of Masters crop grazing my clit. I gasped and began moving my hips back and forth. He slid the leather further between my legs making me straddle the crop and then he began to slide it back and forth in time with my hips creating a lovely friction against my clit, the feel of the shalft gliding between my legs as I coated it in my slick wetness. Master only allowed a slight pressure driving me crazy making me want to ride it harder, and getting me wetter.

Master praised me telling me what a good slut I was, telling me how he wanted me really wet which was no problem with his crop riding me to the edge. Finally he pulled his cock out of my mouth, smacked my ass and told me to climb on top. I quickly jumped up and impaled myself on his cock, driving him deep within me. I faced away from him my hands between his legs as he thrust in and out of me riding me using my hips as handles, and occasionally gripping my ass hard and giving it a smack. My long curly hair dangled in my face as he road me hard making me feel wild and wanton. I struggled to hold back until I heard him quietly tell me to come for him, and I did, so quickly in fact it was almost defiant. I moaned and bucked as my orgasm ripped through my body and I felt him empty himself inside me. I was sweaty and sore but I was happily content as I collapsed lying there panting, Master still deep inside me.

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