Monday, July 28, 2008

Serving Master

This is part of an assignment I was given to describe to someone what it's like to be a slave, it's been edited slightly from the original.

I’m surprised that you are asking what it’s like to spend time serving Master. I know you find the whole Master/slave thing strange and feel that I’ve set the women’s movement back 100 years but it’s really not like you imagine. Being in Master’s service is not abusive or cruel, I feel taken care of, cherished. It allows me to leave all the pressures and chaos of life behind and focus on one thing, pleasure. When I please Master in return I also receive pleasure, not just physically, although that’s a big part of it, but also mentally.

Is it kinky? Sometimes, but it’s also totally liberating. I know I’m a professional woman and people would be shocked if they found out I don’t consider myself a free woman, that my body belongs to another of which I am reminded daily. I find myself thinking about what he would like as I’m getting dressed, picking out panties, or finding shoes.

I maintain my body in certain ways not because I choose to, but because I’m told to it’s what Master demands. I am not allowed to touch myself or pleasure myself without asking first. My body belongs to him. I am not allowed to come without permission and even when I ask it doesn’t mean I will be allowed. There is something to be said for holding back your orgasm, when you are finally allowed to come it is usually that much more intense and fulfilling. At the moment you might not feel that way as you beg and pant the sensations sending shivers through your body but if you concentrate hard enough you can usually pull it back and that’s what its all about, control. His will over mine. At this point I can practically come on command. Oh I can’t just be sitting here and come but with even the slightest stimulation when I hear Master’s voice telling me to get ready I get aroused and when he tells me to come that burst of pleasure is so sweet.

When Master first grabs my hair or touches me it’s as if he flips a switch and my body remembers what to do, how to relax. His orders to kneel or strip aren’t requests they are statements and I know my job is to obey and in return I will receive great rewards.

I love when he holds me from behind, one hand wrapped in my hair the other roaming over my body, sometimes teasing, sometimes demanding and rough and other times just gently caressing as he whispers in my ear exactly what he is going to do to me. Telling me how he is going to take me and use every part of my body, it sends shivers down my spine, my back starts to arch and I am filled with desire. I often find it hard to concentrate on what is going on at that point I am so lost in sensation but a sharp slap or pinch quickly brings me back to the present.

Usually I am told to undress while he remains clothed. This always brings up feelings of insecurity and nervous excitement, his gaze drinking in my body as I stand there for his entertainment. I know you find it hard to believe that there is excitement in standing undressed in front of someone who is fully clothed or bending over exposing yourself to his inspection but it’s true. It’s like lightening shooting through your body. His gaze penetrates making it hard to stand still, you want to cover up but you also feel so free and wanton. It can be difficult at first but soon you realize that his gaze is not one of judgment but of appreciation and admiration and then your mind catches up with your body and you remember what he whispered in your ear about how he is going to use your body and your knees feel weak and you know it’s only a matter of time before he fulfills those intentions.

That’s not enough? You want to know more?

Masters hands roam wherever they want across my body, taking possession of what is his; reminding me that my body is no longer my own but a possession to be taken and played with at his whim. I have no say in where Master’s hands go or what they do; I surrendered that right when I agreed to this. It may technically be my body but I surrendered it to him a long time ago, now it belongs to him and he plays it like an instrument. He is the musician who knows just the right hand and finger placement to make it hum and sing. And sing it does, in a mixture of moans, and whimpers as he takes me, possesses me, owns me.

I see you squirming, could it be that you are beginning to understand the lure of this relationship, the pleasure in surrender?

What does it mean to surrender? There are many different ways to surrender, sometimes you just make the decision that it’s easier to surrender, other times you need to struggle before you can let go. Does that involved being tied up? Sometimes Master ties me up, or use some type of collar or cuff restraints when he isn’t physically subduing me with his hands but the surrender I’m talking about is more mental than physical.

I see your face and I know it makes you cringe to think about being tied up but step back from your prejudice and imagine it. You were beginning to understand it a moment ago. You seemed intrigued; your eyes became glassy and were starting to show interest. Now they’ve clouded over again, like a curtain coming down and closing off the possibility. Haven’t you ever been held down, restrained in any way while someone kisses you or makes love to you? It’s all about letting go to experience the sensations.

You don’t have to be tied up to experience this release but it makes it all the more exciting if you are. If you truly can’t move there is a hint of fear mixed in with the pleasure, you are totally at Master’s mercy and there really isn’t anything you can do but give in to either the excitement or the fear. I like being tied up, I love watching as Master ties the rope around my ankles or wrists bending me and binding me. I feel the same about cuffs and collars. Collars give me a sense of ownership, I know that when I am wearing Master’s collar I am in his service. Some might feel it’s demeaning. I look at it another way, does your pet have a collar? Of course he does. Why does he have a collar? Because you care for him and it shows that you own him, this is no different. It’s a symbol of ownership, of being someone’s property and hopefully your Master takes good care of what is his.

You realize every Master is different right?

No two are ever really the same. Some are just pretenders who like to play little role playing games, others are sadistic bastards are really in it more for the pain and humiliation of others, these people are just cruel. They don’t care about their slaves they don’t realize that the better you take care of your property the longer it lasts and the more pleasure you receive from it. Then there are the true Masters, the people who live it not just as pure fantasy, its part of their character, they are innately dominant, they are strict yet not cruel and this personality translates beyond the bedroom into every part of their lives.

But back to your questions, does Master spank me? Of course, with his hands, with a flogger or a cane, and with a crop, it depends on his mood. Spankings have taken on a whole new meaning, they seem naughty and erotic now and the sting of Master’s discipline sends little ripples of pleasure through my body. Does it hurt? It depends on what he is using but yes it usually it stings, sometimes it hurts more than others but I always found getting spanked a bit of a turn on and the more you combine it with pleasure the more erotic it becomes.

I could be on my knees with my mouth full while he crops my ass and know that after my ass is good and red he is going to drive himself deep into it while he plays with me making me cry out, the sensations almost too much to bear. And when he makes me come so hard I will feel tears coming to my eyes from the overwhelming emotion. My body will shake with release yet still I want more, not wanting it to end.

Your body starts to need to be spanked, you crave it and it gets to the point where an innocent friendly slap on the ass from a friend might trigger you to bite your lip to keep from crying out in pleasure, your reactions are so fine tuned to this treatment. His hand print on my ass is just another mark of his ownership. It is a reminder of who I belong to.

What do I find the most exciting? That would have to be when Master takes me and fills every part of me. It makes me wet to think about it. To feel so full, so taken is incredible, and when he comes down my throat or on my body marking me, I feel fulfilled. It’s hard to describe the feeling any better than this because there really are no words that give it justice. It’s so hard to concentrate when he does this to me, to ignore the feelings tearing through my body and concentrate on pleasing him. Which brings me full circle back to what I said before, it’s about control. His will over mine and mine is sadly lacking when he takes me this fully. My legs shake; I can’t help but move I am just untamed energy seeking release. If ever there is a release of control it is in this moment. I am so in control in so many other aspects of my life but when he possesses me by filling me in every way I can be filled, I am completely at his will. My place has never been clearer and the fact that I am his possessions is without doubt or struggle.

I’ve revealed all I can, all that I’m willing, take what you want from what I’ve told you, and experience it or not. I know my place is on my knees by Masters side, I hope you find your place and its as fulfilling as mine.

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