Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Beginning

My Master frequently gives me writing assignments describing how I feel about something, or a training that I've just had. I'm sure it gives him insight into my head (sometimes even I don't even know what's in there until I read what I've written).

Sharing those assignments is hard for me. I often find I've expressed feelings that I am ashamed to voice. I don't know who is sitting in judgment but there is often such a stigma attached to this type of relationship that it must have been ingrained in me somewhere. I present these assignments to Master not just because he told me to write them but also because I want to please him and I trust him enough to expose myself not only physically but also mentally.

I've kept my desires, fantasies, and feelings closely guarded and little by little Master is opening that door and exposing them pushing my limits and leading me on a wondrous journey. I'd pushed my slave desires deep inside over the years, after a bad experience. Re-entering this world has been a challenge for me, first I had to accept my desires then I had to find what I needed. Even after I found my Master I found that even though I wanted to hand myself over completely I still wasn't fully ready to let go, I didn't even know how. Through Master's strict guidance, patience and training I've been able to open up to find the freedom in submission and learned that my trust in him had not been misguided.

I've created this blog under Master's direction, to share some of my writings and experiences with people who may be curious about the Master/slave relationship, or share similar interests.

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