Monday, July 28, 2008

Final Surrender

This was part of an assignment that I was given regarding a training that took place.

It was a lazy afternoon and I was sleeping in Masters arms. I loved the feel of his arms wrapped possessively around me. It made me feel warm, safe, kept. I usually don't like to be touched while I sleep but there is something comforting about being in my owners embrace.

As I began waking up he leaned into me and whispered in my ear that he was going to have me again soon. I shuddered instantly turned on. His hardness pressed up against my ass made me squirm in anticipation. I was never a very patient person and whenever he told me what he was going to do to me ahead of time it was hard to concentrate and the waiting seemed like an eternity.

He allowed me to take him in my mouth in anticipation of what was to come, the feel of him as he grew bigger and harder in my mouth added to my frustration but I continued to try to be patient. I loved pleasing him, being a good slave. I knew in the end my patience would be rewarded. He could be demanding and rough but his rewards were always worth it.

He grabbed a handful of my hair bringing my attention to what he was about to say, instead of losing myself to the pleasure of having him in my mouth. He told me that he wanted me to get my ass ready because he intended to use it this time. My heart fluttered, it had been so long since I was last used like that and the last time he had wanted to it had been too much. I had so many emotions going through me at the moment, joy, and the eagerness of wanting to please, and fear. I knew for me this final step would seal my fate. I knew he was my Owner but there was a rebellious piece of me still lurking inside that knew he hadn't taken full ownership of me yet. With this final act the lock would click shut on my bondage. My body would belong to him.

My wandering thoughts paralyzed me and before I knew what was happening I was being dragged from the bed with a firm tight grip on my hair. Master led me to the bathroom and told me to prepare my body, my ass for his use. He wanted me back in the bedroom soon, I wasn't done pleasing him orally and when I was done with that he intended to finally stake his claim to the rest of my body.

He left me there shaken, turned on and eager. I quickly pushed aside all my fears focusing on the pleasure of complete submission.

I returned to the bedroom nervous and eager. I knew this was right, I wanted him to take full possession of me, and in fact I needed it. I eagerly went back to the pleasant task of pleasuring him with my mouth trying to push all other anticipations and thoughts aside. After a few minutes he grabbed my hair again and told me to lie on my side. I did as I was told and waited in nervous anticipation. He lay down beside me his erection pressing gently against my ass waiting for entry. It was my job to guide him inside me, to freely give what he demanded.

It was difficult at first the pain was sharp but I heard his voice telling me to relax. I zoned in on his voice and asked him to touch me I figure the distraction would help me relax and it did, helping me to surrender to him completely. I felt him filling me taking me where only one other had ever been and the pleasure and submission overwhelmed me.

Master continued to talk to me making sure I was aware of what was happening, keeping me present in his domination of this last part of me that I had considered my own. He slid in and out of my ass leaving no doubt that my ownership was complete. His words reminded me that I was his property to take when and how he pleased. That it was my duty to obey and be a dutiful obedient slave. I completely agreed, how could I not when I derived so much pleasure from serving him? My emotions and the pleasure were intense. I felt myself needing to come but struggled to hold back. I was soon reduced to begging for release and when he allowed me to come I almost burst into tears of gratitude. My body shattered and I was lost to everything except the pleasure coursing through my body. As my body calmed down Master remained inside me not moving much except for a deep thrust every now and again. He said he wanted to make sure that I was completely aware of his ownership of me. That he was just going to remain there for a while because he could. I sighed and pushed back into him in full acknowledgement of who I answer to and who holds the keys to my collar.

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