Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Spanking

Since most of my stories are very long I thought I would post an excerpt from one now and then. This is a slave's first lesson in manners.

“Apparently you are having a hard time understanding that I am in charge, and expect to be addressed as Master or Sir” He said as he pinched my nipple hard between two fingers. I gasped and pulled back on instinct but he didn’t let go. “It appears we will have our first lesson. Stand up and lay across my lap face down. I need to discipline you. I think this time I will give you a spanking.”

I looked at him with confusion as he released my nipple and moved his body forward in the chair. “ But…” I started to say.

“I said, stand up and lay across my lap now.” His voice was stern and left no room for debate.

I stood and slowly lowered my body across his lap as if I was a child. I was confused. My hair hung down over my face, a spanking? I had never been spanked, not even as a child. And here I was a grown professional woman lying across a strangers lap about to get spanked for the first time. I was terrified and excited. He ran his hands across my ass and up to the waist band of my panties. He hooked his fingers underneath the band and started to pull them down. I jumped, raising my chest up.

He let go and pushed my body back down across his lap. “I am going to spank your bare ass, not one that is covered. I want to see the lovely shade of red your ass is going to get by the time I’m done.” He said.

Again he slid his fingers beneath the waist of my panties and pulled them down, exposing me. He pushed them down until they pooled around my ankles.

“Kick them off.” He said.

I hesitated and quickly felt the sting of his hand against my skin. I yelped and jumped up again.

“When I tell you to do something, you need to do it quicker.” He said pushing me back down across his lap. My panties dangled around only one ankle now. “Stay down and kick them off now. His voice was harsh and demanding.

I quickly shook them free of my ankle, jiggling my body to get them free. “Good girl.” He said soothingly, as he slowly started running his hands over me. “Now spread your legs a little.”

I bit my lip and moved my legs apart, making me feel vulnerable. His hand continue to glide over me, his fingers sliding between the cheeks of my ass slowly moving his way down to trailing his fingers through wetness between my legs. I gasped and felt myself blush. I was glad I was lying face down so he couldn’t see the effect he had on me. He stroked me a few more times and to my dismay I began to push back against his hand. “Not yet,” he said sliding his hand back up to the curve of my ass. “I need to teach you a lesson first.” My mind raced, at his words, but before a full thought was formed I felt the sting of his hand come connect with my skin again. I hissed and bit my lip. His hand came down again and again, my ass stinging, my pussy swelling with each slap. Little cries escaped my lips as he continued his assault. It was such a strange sensation. It stung and hurt and I could feel tears forming in the corner of my eyes but I was also turned on, lying here across the lap of a stranger in only my bra.

I lost track of how many times his hand came down, all I could do was feel, the pain, the excitement the shame that I liked it. I was wiggling in his lap trying to get away from the blows. When he finally stopped, my ass continued to throb, I could feel the heat from where his stokes landed. “ Hmmm, nice and red.” He said. He ran his hands slowly over me, giving my ass a little squeeze now and then. I wiggled even more on his lap. His hand slid down between my legs his fingers sliding in the wetness there.

“I can see you liked that too” he said with a little chuckle as he slowly slid a finger inside me. My face burned with humiliation. It was true I did enjoy it. I squirmed as his fingers slid in and out of me but his other hand gripped my hip tightly, keeping me still. “This is mine” he said slipping another finger inside me, causing me to gasp. “You are mine. I will do what I want with what is mine when I want. Do you understand?”

My mind reeling from the sensations, I gasped out “yes…” then with a quick jolt of fear I said “yes, Sir”.

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