Monday, March 21, 2016


Head thrown back, lips parted, body arched. My heart pounds, my breath coming in gasps. My thighs quiver, as my mind shatters overcome by the sensations wracking my body.

I sit up gasping, my heart pounding the dream was so real and so intense. They were getting more intense.  I look around, the dim light illuminating the sparse room.  Only furnished with a bed and a small bucket.  I am alone. I look at the door knowing it is locked.

My breathing has slowed. My nipples are still hard and straining for touch.  I look under the covers my eyes skimming my naked body down to the leather manacle circling my left ankle, a chain snaking under the covers and bolted to the wall.

I sigh, I hate not sleeping in his bed.  Its been 2 weeks of sleeping alone.  I long for his touch, his mouth on mine, even the sting of his crop. He's upset with me. I was willful and disobedient.  I've never been punished for so long.  I feel drops hitting my breasts and realize I am crying.  I feel my world shattering.  I don't know why I disobeyed.  It was like I couldn't stop myself.  He has always forgiven me in the past I hope he will this time.

Every day he comes to my door unlocks me ankle, attaches my leash to my collar and walks me to the bathroom.  I am allowed 20 minutes to shower and get ready. I am then led to the kitchen and fed, after which he drives me to work.  He hasn't spoken to me.  Won't look at me.  Work is torture. I put on a happy face for my co-workers but they know something is wrong but what can I tell them? I disobeyed and have been sleeping in the small basement room chained to the wall? I don't think so.

He picks me up, and when we get home he strips me and we have dinner.  I am then led back to my room where I am to stay until morning. I am not allowed to touch him and I have been instructed not to touch myself even though I am desperate to and its getting worse by the day.  The camera in the corner of the room reminds me he is watching.

I hear the key turn in the lock and look over at the door.  It slowly eases open. He stands there a moment.  He comes to me, unchains me, attaches my leash and we slowly walk out of the room.  He leads me upstairs but instead of going toward the bathroom he leads me to the playroom.  I stagger, and fall to my knees.  I look up at him, hope in my eyes.  He looks down at me with a sly smile.

"I think its time to end your torment and something tells me you won't be so quick to disobey again." he says as he takes my hand and lifts me to my feet leading me over to the swing in the corner.

                    to be continued......

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