Monday, March 28, 2016


I feel like I just closed my eyes when I feel a tug on my collar.  I open my eyes to see him standing over me.

"Thats enough rest for now. I am not done playing with you just yet. Come." He says and pulls me.

Reluctantly I stand and he guides me out of the room toward the bathroom.  He allows me to use the toilet and then brings me back to the playroom.  He hands me a bottle of water and tells me to drink. I am tired, barely able to hold the bottle but I obey.  He then hands me a piece of a protein bar, I slowly chew, but when he hands me another piece I reach for it and devour it hungrily.

"Kneel." he says.

I quickly drop to my knees and look up at him, hope filling my eyes as I feel my energy returning.

He grabs a fist full of my hair, "I know that hungry look." He says eyes sparkling.  He guides my head to his cock and I greedily take him in my mouth.  Its been too long, I wrap my lips around him licking and sucking and taking him deeply in my throat.  I love the feel of him as he slides in and out of my mouth.  I feel him start to move my head back and forth a little faster, then he slides deeply in my mouth almost choking me and holds me there.  I start gagging and try to pull back but he holds me tight.  Drool starts running down my chin as try to calm myself and breathe through my nose.

"You like pleasing me don't you?" He asks.

"mmhmm" I manage between gags.

"Good girl." he says. He pinches my nose closed for a few moments while I struggle to relax.  As soon as my body starts to relax he releases my nose and eases the pressure off the back of my head allowing me to pull back slightly. I sigh as my gag reflex lessens and I'm able to breathe deeply through my nose.

He returns to fucking my mouth harder pulling my head back until I can only feel the tip then plunging back in all the way making it hard to catch my breath.  I feel his muscles clenching and he slams into my mouth and releases himself down my throat.  I try to swallow as fast as I can but he is so far down my throat that some of his seed drips down my chin.

I look up hoping he isn't upset with me. My nipples harden as I see him looking down at me with pride and happiness.

"Very good." He says still gripping my hair, his cock still deep in my throat.  "What can I do to show my appreciation?" He asks.

I shiver.  He knows what I like.  What turns me on.  He pulls out of my mouth and pulls me to standing by my hair.

to be continued.......

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