Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I slide into the swing and he ties my arms to the straps.  He puts a spreader bar between my legs and locks it in place around my ankles. I feel my pulse start to race.  He leans in and kisses me tenderly but pulls back knowing I want, no I need more. He walks behind me and slips a silk scarf around my eyes.  My nipples instantly harden and I can feel myself getting aroused.

He leans down and whispers in my ear.  "Its been a while so I'm going to take my time, I want you to know in advance you have a long day ahead. Do you understand and agree?"

I swallow hard, my body tingling all over, "Yes Master" I gasp.

"Good girl."

I lick my lips and brace myself.  I hear him walking around, his shirt coming off and dropping to the floor.  My body is on fire.  I don't know how I am going to endure a long session today.  Its been so long but I need it, I want it.

I feel him standing next to me, his hand slowly and softly circling my breast, his fingers flick my nipple and I gasp and arch my back.  I hear him chuckle.  His hand trails over to my other breast and he repeats his motions.  Then I hear a faint click and I hiss as a sharp pain bites down hard on my right nipple, the clamp firmly in place.  There is another click and I suck in my breath again as my left nipple is pinched hard between the metal clamp.

His hands travel down my body leaving goosebumps in their wake.  The pain in my nipples is waning to a dull throb. He reaches my thighs and runs his hands along both my inner thighs causing me to strain forward.  His hands move up closer to where I want them, I start panting and know that I am swollen and wet.  His hand brushes across my lips and I moan, his fingers slide up and down seeking my clit. I try to move my hips to help get him where I need him.  His finger circles it once, twice then a scream escapes me as he pinches it between his fingers. I groan and he twists and tugs at it. I buck wildly trying to push away but he has me gripped tightly.  Finally he releases me and slides two fingers inside me.  I arch back and despite my still painfully throbbing clit I moan and try to get his fingers in deeper.  He pushes them in and out, his fingers beckoning.  I feel the pressure building inside me.  Its been such a long time since he has touched me, I don't know how much I can take, and then his fingers are gone and I hear him walk away.

I bite my lip and whimper straining at my bonds knowing it is no use but doing it out of frustration.  I am so focused on straining and trying to pull my legs together that I don't hear him when he approaches me again.  But then I hear it, the distinct whistle right before the sting of his crop slicing through the air.  I barely have time to brace myself before I feel the crack on my inner thigh.  The first is followed quickly by a second then a third and it continues, my thighs burning the occasional sharp tap on my clit that makes me gasp and strain.  The tears are running down my face making the silk cold against my face while the lower half of me is on fire.  He stops and runs his cool hands against my thighs.  They feel so good.  He stops and I hear his zipper and I whimper. I want to feel him inside me.

I feel the head of his cock as he moves it gently against me. Teasing me.

"You want this don't you?" He asks.

"Yes Master" I whimper.

He pushes into me till just the tip of him is inside of me.  I groan and try to pull him closer but he holds the swing still and out of reach.

Then he pulls back "No I don't think you are quite ready for me yet." he says and I hear him zip his pants back up.  I cry out.

"Please!" I beg, "Please Master"

He laughs "No, not yet, but soon."

I hear him walk away, I know he has left the room but I have no idea where he has gone.  A short time later I hear his footsteps coming back.

"I have something special for you. I have one last punishment for you. I can make this difficult for you but I think this time I will go easy, but rest assured if you disobey me again in such a way and it will be much more difficult." he says.

My heart rates speeds up again. My lips part and I start to shake. I had thought my punishment over.

He pulls the chain on one of the nipple clamps and I hiss in pain.

"Do you know what Figging is?" He asks.

His fingers move down and lazily circle my clit.

I freeze, my mind searching through all the things I've read.  I know that term, it was used as a punishment. I can't remember what it is, my body is betraying me, his fingers not allowing me to concentrate, I moan and squirm under his torment and then he stops.

to be continued........

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