Sunday, November 2, 2008


It was a long and amazing vacation. I saw amazing sights that blew my mind and despite the knowledge that I could share these moments through my camera with Master once I got home, I still had my moments of melancholy. It was bittersweet to be home, back to the day to day grind of work, instead of the laid back schedule I had kept for the last two weeks. While there are quite a few things that make me wish I was still away a reunion with Master definitely made me happy to be home.

I have always found that reunions after an absence can go one of two ways, either you find out that the separation was probably for the best, realizing that all the intimate fantasies you had while you were apart were just that fantasies and the thought of acting on them just isn't there once you are face to face. Or you rediscover what drew you to the other person to begin with. Your heart beats faster, and all those fantasies you had while you were away come to life.

My reunion with Master followed the second category. It was blissful to once again serve as Master's plaything, cock ornament and come slut. It was wonderful to feel his hands traveling over my body, spanking me, pinching my nipples or gently caressing my hip. His breath on my neck as he whispered in my ear, his fingers wrapped in my hair pulling it tight sent shivers down my spine. Taking him in my mouth, made me squirm and whimper with desire. Feeling him inside me was like a little slice of heaven on earth.

Am I happy to be home? Absolutely.

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