Monday, November 24, 2008


I adore when Master indulges me and allows me to take his hand and run it over my body, across my breasts, down my belly, across my hips and ultimately between my legs. Pushing his fingers inside me, the heel of his hand hitting just at that sweet spot a little higher up, my body responding to his touch, yet its my touch as well, as I am guiding his hand. With my hand on his I guide the movement of his fingers, the speed, the pressure, while he whispers in my ear, egging me on telling me how sexy I look, or commenting on how wet I am. The knowledge that he can feel my body responding to his comments makes it all the more delightful.

Its interactive masturbation, it’s fantasy come to life. He gets to experience what I enjoy, learning the secrets of my body, how fast or slow I like it, how much pressure and where and I get the pleasure of knowing that it’s his hand that is pushing me toward ecstasy. Of course writhing around on the bed moaning is a huge turn on for both of us so as I inch closer to the point of no return, he will occasionally become a little more interactive, but not too intrusive to this somewhat solo exploration, bending close to capture one of my nipples in his mouth, making me arch up off the bed in sweet bliss or pressing his body hard against mine, his hips grinding into my ass, my hips.

That usually does it, the last piece of the puzzle that pushes me past that edge to where I can’t hold back anymore, sending me to the slightly scary place of totally surrender, where there is no control, only pleasure, where my body takes over and my mind is pushed to the side. There is no beginning and no end when I reach this point, I am just raw emotion.

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just wanted to drop by and say hi and let ya know i am still got a worm....damn someone working on it right now...trying to fix it!
This is a great post!!! thanks!
Have a great holiday!!!