Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Whip

The blow landed just below my ass. I felt compelled to move forward away from it but I knew I needed to, wanted to, stand my ground. I leaned over the back of a chair; my back arched my ass pushed out in invitation.

Another blow landed this time higher. The sound was worse than the bite of the leather as it struck me, but with each blow I could feel my skin heat. I could imagine the raised line of welts that were forming on my skin, the redness that accompanied them. Master marking me, his sign of Ownership. Another strike, another crack of leather, I winced this time and pranced in place up on my toes. I felt the heat seep down through my flesh to radiate between my thighs.

I listened to the whistle of the leather as it sliced through the air, trying not to brace for the impact. I had learned to surrender to each blow, knowing that the slice of the leather wasn’t as harsh if I was relaxed. The next strike landed high on my back; I wasn’t expecting it and jumped a little sucking in my breath with surprise.

Master grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head back while another blow landed on my ass. I could feel the moisture building between my legs and I moaned and shifted from side to side, my nipples hardening. The blows kept coming; I bit my lip my body torn between pleasure and pain. A cool hand touched the lines crisscrossing my body running down over my ass, grabbing my hip. I felt the hardness of his cock as he parted my legs and roughly pushed inside me. I groaned at the fullness of him buried deep within me. My body clenched around him, I had been waiting for this, needing it. His hand tightened in my hair, his hips moved, I pushed back into him, as he rode me hard. “Come for me slave.” He whispered and the world broke apart.

I moaned and bucked like a wild animal, the orgasm ripped through my body clenching and releasing my muscles, I didn’t want it to stop, the intensity of it flowed through me, and kept going. As my body continued to ride the wave of ecstasy he pulled out of me. I cried out, my body still clenching, around the emptiness. I was forced to my knees and his cock pushed down my throat. I could taste my own juices coating him and groaned, hungrily sucking, he thrust quickly and deeply in and out of my mouth, saliva dripped out of the corners of my lips and down my chin as he used my mouth as he had just used my pussy. I felt his muscles tensing, my mouth fill with his release, choking me. His hand was still entwined in my hair, not allowing me to pull away. I gagged but took a few deep breaths through my nose, and calmed myself down as Master’s nourishment slid down my throat, a few drops seeping from between my lips to drip onto my breasts.

He slowly pulled out of my mouth and looked down at me. “Good girl” he said and I smiled. He pulled me up and walked me to the edge of the bed, handing me a towel. I cleaned up and we climbed into bed, his cool body against my warm back, his arms wrapped tightly around me. “Such a good slave, I’m glad I own you.” He whispered kissing the back of my head. I feel asleep a smile on my face, wrapped in Masters arms.

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