Saturday, October 11, 2008


My emotions are torn, split between the excitement of a new adventure and the sadness that I’m not sharing it with you. I may be busy exploring a new land, playing death defying games with new foods, but you won’t be far from my thoughts.

An amazing statue, an awe inspiring landmark is sure to excite and amaze, but next to the thrill of witnessing new things I will be wishing I could share it with you. I know there will be other times, other locations that we can share, but it doesn’t mean I won’t miss you on this trip. How could I not when looking at the faces around me will always bring you to mind.

I know what you are thinking, what you would say, “ Don’t dwell on that”, “You’re going to be so busy you won’t have time to miss me", “You’ll be home before you know it.” The list goes on and on. And you’re right I shouldn’t let these thoughts spoil my trip. In fact I won’t let it spoil my trip but I will still miss my nightly calls, my weekends spent wrapped in your arms.

So I will focus on the positive. The amazing new and different things I will see on my trip and our reunion when I return, sharing my experiences, my photos etc…but mostly I will look forward to a private welcome home celebration that keeps us inside for many delightful, and kinky hours.

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